January 17, 2022

My Favorite Wedding Exits of All Time

Illinois wedding photographer
Illinois wedding photographer
Illinois wedding photographer

Your wedding exit: the part of the day that leaves one of the most lasting impressions on your family, friends, and guests. Wedding exits are important, and can be a lovely last moment to spend celebrating with everyone. As a wedding photographer, I have seen so many exquisite wedding exits, and they turn into gorgeous photo moments as well! 

Personally, I like to think of exits as ‘controlled walk-throughs’, and they’re definitely one of my favorite things to photograph! From sparklers, flower petals and confetti to bubbles, glow sticks, and more, there are SO many different ways to approach your wedding exit. This is one of those moments you and your partner can truly add your own unique spin to your day.

Oftentimes, my couples ask me, “What’s the best wedding exit from a photographer’s standpoint?” which is so kind and considerate of them! Well, today’s blog post makes it easy for you because I am breaking down all of my favorite wedding exits (and obvy I brought photos, yay!)


Sparklers are so memorable. They create stunning photos filled with movement, light, and laughter. But, I’ve also seen these types of exits get intense if there are too many people or if everyone is too rowdy! I mean, I get it. Everyone wants to cut loose and cut a rug at the wedding reception. Sometimes, that means indulging in a few cocktails. Mixed drinks + an exciting sparkler line can be dangerous. After photographing so many wedding exits with sparklers, I have come up with the perfect way to get your sparkler exit, without the scare.

Instead of saving your exit until the very end, I suggest planning a controlled, faux exit with only the members of your wedding party and a few family members! This allows me to have more control over the photos, the poses, and the angles. Plus, the party NEVER has to stop! Usually, no one even notices if the bride and groom are away for a few minutes! I love this option because it’s safe, and because I can make sure I capture the moment exactly how you envision it. 

And if you want even more information on how to use sparklers in your wedding exit, the lovely folks at Sparklers Online created this amazing guide that is loaded with tons of useful information! They’re even giving BCP brides a discount code for 10% off anything in their shop! Use the code “referral10” on their website!

Confetti & Bubbles

If you’re looking for a wedding exit option where everyone can get in on the fun, what about using confetti or bubbles? These exits always look dreamy and unique in photos. Some venues don’t allow sparklers, so this is a great alternative wedding exit plan! These are also the ideal option for a daytime wedding, or right after the first kiss, since bubbles and confetti will be more visible than sparklers in daylight. My favorite part about using confetti and bubbles? Everyone can participate!

Eco-Friendly Options

Illinois wedding photographer
Illinois wedding photographer

I know, I know. Bubbles and confetti can be toxic to the environment, and I am ALL for being environmentally friendly. Don’t worry, I have a solution for you eco-minded couples as well! Real flower petals (fresh or dried), leaves, birdseed, herbs, or lavender are perfect for an outdoor wedding exit, because they’ll decompose into nature after the wedding. There are also places that sell dissolvable confetti, if you’re really going for that party vibe! All of these eco-friendly options are ideal for daytime weddings, because they’re harder to capture at night. If you’re looking for a safe, inclusive option for your nighttime wedding exit, glow sticks are perfect! With the fun colors, they provide such a fun vibe to the send-off! 

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