It's me again! Fun fact: I actually hate talking about myself because it makes me feel super awkward (anyone else agree?)!! But I am incredibly happy you are here.
When we meet, I'll probably tell you about my love for the outdoors, Harry Potter, coffee, pumpkin everything or my 6 dogs and my hubby...even my love for teals and greens. But for now, we won't get into my list of top 10's!
I've lived in Southern Illinois since I was two, so needless to say, this is my area! I love it here, but I also love to travel for my couples! 

I'm actually not one of those photographers "born with a camera in her hand." I used to work in lending, and had this nagging feeling that my life was unfulfilled. I needed to let my creativity out! That's when photography saved me, but it wasn't an easy road.

When I started photography, I sucked. Like, bad.
(Apologies and thank you's to my first few clients, y'all are the real MVPs!!)

Even though I've had a camera in my hands since I was 15, it didn't mean I was any good at it. With a ton of hard work and dedication, I've slowly honed my skills. Now, I'm so proud that I am a published, award-winning wedding photographer! Look at that growth! I'm so happy you're here to join me on my journey through the up's, down's and everything in-between.





Fort branch, IN

Behind the scenes with me...

More about the photographer

Courtney Page is the photographer and owner of Boulder Creek Photography. She is a published wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer. She is also a destination wedding and elopement photographer residing in Southern Illinois.

Her work has been on display at the Marion Cultural and Civic Center as a featured artist, continually featured in ENGAGED! River Valley, I DO: Southern Illinois, and Life & Style magazines.

She has self-published Your Boulder Creek Wedding Experience magazine, a wedding editorial to guide and encourage couples through their wedding planning process. She is a volunteer photographer for the Veterans Honor Flight of Southern Illinois and travels to Washington D.C. to capture the experience for the veterans on the flight.

Courtney created Bring It to the Table, which is a women’s business page group focused on inspiring and coaching female business owners. She has guided and coached other women with her experiences from owning and growing her own business.

Boulder Creek Photography features classic, sincere wedding and portrait experiences that create natural and joyful connections. Her work reflects true to life color and timeless photographs that will never go out of style.

Courtney resides in Pope County where she lives with her husband, Bryceson, in a log cabin on 105 acres with their six dogs. She spends her free time outdoors and enjoys fishing, cooking and is always looking for another project.