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July 27, 2021

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Goal Setting and Planning: Mapping It Out | Bring It To The Table

There is goal setting and planning, then there’s the reality of actually mapping it out. Sometimes big ideas just get stuck in our headspace then never come to fruition and the pen never gets to the paper. You can have all the big, epic plans and still feel like you can’t pull the trigger or map out your thoughts. I’ve been right there with you. You just can’t quite figure out how to move that horse in front of the cart!

I can’t tell you how to do that at all but hang on stay with me!! If you are like me, my big ideas need to be split into steps. Even when I’m the one creating those specific steps. That is exactly what I’m going to help you with right now and give you my Mapping It Out: Goal Setting & Planning Workbook for free!! Because when I created Bring It To The Table, my goal was to help other business owners in any way that I could. Even if it meant sharing my failures and flaws to help you grow and thrive!

I am a huge podcast listener!! I listen to Jasmine Star on Google Podcasts. Jasmine Star is an amazing entrepreneur, photographer, social media expert and all-around rock star with everything she touches!! She once said in a podcast to write out your goals or interests then put checks next to it if it meets certain requirements.

The requirements were: What makes you/your business money? What is necessary for the business? What would be fun to do in your business? Then to start with the priority things in your business. Because what makes your business money and is necessary may not always be fun, but it is still a priority. However, if it checks all three boxes, heck yes! Add that to the top of your goal list too!

I can’t take full credit for my process because it is a mix of what I have tried and what helped me in my business but what also felt right for how I work and learn. I learned a thousand ways that didn’t work for me along the way as well!! And guess what…I still struggle daily. Because the work never ends when you are a business owner. I feel like I would be doing a disservice to you, if I told you any different. Being a “solo-preneur” means researching, learning, screwing up, taking the wrong road, seeking advice, and then celebrating those epic freaking wins!!

Whether your goals are big time, major goals, small tasks, or financial goals…you must be utterly honest with yourself but challenge yourself all at the same time. I can’t emphasize this enough…set realistic deadlines for the size of your goals. If you give yourself a week to complete a month-long project, you are setting yourself up for failure. Be fair (and kind) to yourself and your business. If your business is a side hustle with a goal of going full time, you will have to put in the extra work and map out your goals to financially get there. There’s no “3 fast steps to be a billionaire” but hey if there is…can yall share the love over here??

Mapping out your goals will consist of breaking your goals into smaller steps. Sometimes we can’t see the forest through the trees. So, by taking one goal and breaking it down makes it much more manageable than staring at a huge project! Give yourself grace and remember; Rome wasn’t built in a day!! I look at my business now and there is absolutely no way I could have just jumped here without having to figure a lot out along the way…and that way was not flawless.

Get your workbook, get that pen to paper and get to goal setting and planning! This wasn’t quite how mine looked but I wanted to guide you along with my process. I genuinely hope this helps you, your business or even your personal goals get to the place that you dream of! Click the link below to grab your workbook.

I really want to hear from you! Send me a DM on Instagram at Bring It To The Table or Boulder Creek Photography and share your journey with me as you set and reach your goals!!

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