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August 2, 2021

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What do we wear? | What to wear for your session!

What do we wear for our session? What colors would work with this dress? Help, I don’t know what to wear!! I get these questions a lot!! Let me help you with what to wear for your family, engagement, senior session and more. When planning your outfits for yourself or even your family it can be overwhelming. However, there are patterns to avoid, style that flatter and colors that clash. So, let’s dive into what to wear for all different seasons! Also, be sure to save or bookmark this for future seasons!! I created these seasonal color scheme diagrams to help you plan out your session outfits and keep you as stress-free as possible!

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Small, tiny patterns that are highly contrasting leave a rainbow haze called chromatic aberration in digital images. This isn’t true for all patterns but a great rule of thumb. Checkered shirts are fine as long as the pattern is larger. I recommend patterns, smaller than a nickel, are best to avoid. If this is an engagement session and one of you wants to wear a pattern, try having the other wear a solid accenting color. As far as families, if some of the kiddos or dad are wearing the pattern, alternate mom and part of the kiddos with accent colors.
Certain bright colors can reflect onto your skin and throw off your skin tones. Bright colors like neon or bright oranges can really alter the skin and may not be what you have in mind. If neon is what your heart is set on, I advise taking the environment into consideration. However, brighter colors do work for a more city vibe or sometimes a beachy look. Try considering a lighter or darker hue depending on the season…pastels or rich colors like blush or crimson!
As long as you are on the same page, either can be great! However, try to avoid one of you being casually dressed while the other is dressed up. This can look a little odd and awkward in your photos. If this is a family session, my best advice is to make sure everyone is still comfortable. You can still have everyone all dressed up and still comfortable! This keeps everyone happy and smiling!!
If you decide for a more casual look, this a great option too. Are you sports fans? Let’s have fun with it! I do advise avoiding large or bold logos, sunglasses, hats, graphic tees and even tennis shoes.
Ok, this is the section that makes everyone uncomfortable. Just hang in there!! We are all way too hard on ourselves and seeing yourself in pictures can also be uncomfortable. When choosing your outfits, if you have areas that you are self-conscious about, take that into consideration!
Instead of wearing a fitted top, opt for a flowy blouse. If your husband doesn’t handle heat well, opt for a darker shirt that won’t show sweating as much!
I’m going to get personal…
I have a vein issue with my legs, which makes me self-conscious when I wear shorter dresses, skirts or even shorts. So, I know it would not be ideal for me to try and wear those for a photoshoot that I want to love! I choose pants or long dresses!! It makes me feel great and I hope this helps you.
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If you are choosing to be bold and go for bright or bold colors/patterns, just remember to have balance. You will pop more with a solid or close to solid background. Extra points if the background coordinates with your colors!!

These are just my recommendations! Not rules!! I want nothing more than my couples and families to be comfortable and have the session of their dreams. However, if casual is what you want, let’s do that!! So, if you know exactly what you want, we will do that too!
This is meant for clients or anyone else who is unsure about what to wear for their photo session. No more “what do we wear?” and no more feeling overwhelmed!

Take a look at some gorgeous outfit inspiration below! Whether you’re looking for your senior pictures, engagement session or family pictures, you can use these color palettes to inspire your next outfit!!
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