March 14, 2022

5 Things to Do Before Taking Business Branding Photos

So, you scheduled your business branding photoshoot, and you can hardly wait for those new business branding photos to improve and refresh your business marketing! Whether you’ve never taken professional branding images with a photographer before, or you’re on your third session in a business branding photo subscription package, these are the five steps I recommend to everyone before a session!

1. Self-care is essential

If you’re going to represent your brand, you want to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward! Sometimes, people forget that having professional photos means you should probably get professional hair (and makeup) done too! If your business branding photos are going to include several members of your team, make sure everyone is looking their best on the day! Coordinate a timeline with your photographer so that the hair and makeup artist has enough time to get you/your team ready before the photoshoot begins! I definitely don’t recommend going for a new hairstyle or bold makeup you’ve never tried before. This is NOT the time to experiment! Your branding photos should look classic enough to last you for at least 6-12 months. Remember, keep things professional!

2. Dress your best

Next up, it’s time to plan your wardrobe. Whether you decide on one outfit or several, your wardrobe should reflect your brand identity and colors. Keep in mind that these photos will be alongside several of your branding elements on social media, your website, and any marketing materials you create. So, it’s important that your outfit(s) don’t clash with your brand colors! If your whole team is participating, coordinate your outfits to be similar in color and style. I recommend staying on the more professional side if you’re not sure what to wear. Ask yourself, “What would I wear to the office / in a business setting to represent my brand and company?” Still stumped? Check out my Instagram for some outfit inspiration!

3. Don’t forget about props

Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting some elaborate props list with all sorts of random props (we’re not putting on a musical, after all)! Many business owners forget about props entirely, but they’re so important when creating a cohesive, branded photoshoot. If your business is in real-estate, accounting, insurance, or any other industry along those lines, I recommend props that help you work. Items like computers, papers, planners, pens, etc. are all great options! Product-based businesses are even easier, just make sure you feature your product in your props!

4. Pick a location (or several)

Choosing a business branding photo location can be tricky, so I usually have my clients choose a few at first! If your business has an office, that might be the best place to start. However, keep in mind that some offices can be dark, without much natural light or good-looking backgrounds to photograph with. In this case, I’ll usually recommend outdoor photos, in an area that aligns with the business’ branding. If your business is entirely virtual, you have the abundance of choice! Your photographer should be knowledgeable and able to recommend some alternative location options if you’re stuck on this step!

5. The Must-Haves List

One of the big things that sets successful business branding photos apart is compiling and using a must-haves photo list. Creating a must-haves list will ensure that you have at least 15-20 amazing, branded photos ready to go. Your photographer should prioritize these over anything else! A must-haves list will also shape the rest of the photoshoot experience. If you definitely need some photos of you working on your laptop at a coffee shop, the rest of the photoshoot should be staged in/around the coffeeshop. Or, if your must-haves list includes photos of you speaking with “clients” (paid models) in your office, then the rest of the photoshoot should revolve around other activities where you interact with clients.

BONUS Tip: Stop stressing about your business branding photos

Tired of seeing “Marketing Photos” at the top of your to-do list every day, week, or month? Let me take care of your business branding photos with my new Business Branding Photo Annual Subscription service! Choose from 2 or 4 sessions annually, and let me take care of the rest. I’ll plan everything from the outfits and prep, to creating a prop list and a full timeline for the day of your photoshoot. With my branding and marketing experience, I’ll provide insight into the best ways to showcase your brand on social media and in marketing materials.

If planning business branding photo sessions is something you simply don’t have time for, click here to join the waitlist. I’d love to help you start converting your clients and see your brand thrive with fresh, updated brand imagery!

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Business branding photos
Business branding photos
Business branding photos
Business branding photos
Business branding photos
Business branding photos
Business branding photos
Business branding photos
Business branding photos
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