April 2, 2021

st louis engagement willow tree

DJ + Macey | Sweet St Louis Engagement

DJ and Macey’s sweet St Louis engagement session made my heart explode!!! I don’t think I have laughed this much in quite some time! I saw a gorgeous willow tree and practically ran to it. These two were absolutely stunning and made the entire session look effortless. We spent all afternoon walking through Forest Park and down one of their favorite little streets in Central West End for this sweet St Louis engagement session.

This was a Monday well spent considering the weather was perfection!! Why can’t all Mondays be like this one?? Macey and DJ made me laugh so much and this makes me so excited for their wedding this fall!! This was the sweetest St Louis engagement yet! I loved watching them interact with each other because you could tell they were genuinely happy to be there! (Win!!)
So I can’t write this without mentioning how much DJ loved the nuzzle pose. I told Macey I would have to showcase his soft side!! Since he plays college basketball maybe he can model on the side! Haha!! I started them with easy stuff and worked them up to become full on pros!! Such professionals that DJ just nailed everything! Macey had to tease him of course but I feel like their wedding day might just have some competition!! (P.S. DJ’s favorite pose was the nuzzle!!)

Macey is a total doll!! Like seriously look at her hair and freckles!! Love!! So her and I both realized while chatting that we both use waaayyy too many exclamation points! When I write my blog posts, I actually have to go back EVERYTIME and swap a bunch out for periods! But hey this one’s for you Macey…no replacing them! Hahaha!!!
I’ll give this as a disclaimer: At least you all know now that it’s just because I am super excited and happy!!! Ha!! Not yelling….well maybe sometimes! Emails, texts, and more….all the exclamation points!!

I’m so happy to welcome this sweet couple into the Boulder Creek family! I can’t wait to celebrate with you!!!!

Also, a little shout out to Macey’s momma who contacted me about photographing Macey and DJ’s wedding. Thank you for introducing me to such an incredible couple!

Check out their full gallery here!! Then head over the The Journal for more engagement sessions, weddings and education!


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