April 1, 2021

Matt + Miranda Romantic Lighthouse Engagement

Matt + Miranda | Romantic Lighthouse Engagement

Matt and Miranda travelled all the way from Naperville to spend the afternoon with me for their romantic lighthouse engagement session. I felt like I was living in a Nicholas Sparks novel! Romantic Lighthouse Engagement, check! Adorably funny couple, check! Picnic on the beach, check! Ok, now that I’ve gushed about one of my favorite locations let’s get to the sweet parts! Days like these are what I live for and I could photograph moments like this for a lifetime!!

Miranda joked about how Matt was looking for a rock, so that immediately had me intrigued. Matt explained that it was just a ‘thing’ they started doing a long time ago and they collect rocks from different places then take them home as a momento!! He said they have a decorative bowl that they keep all of their rocks in at home. So my nerdy self instantly said “Oh my gosh like penguins?!” Thankfully they are nerdy too and said EXACTLY!!
If you haven’t said “awwhh” at least three times, we aren’t the same haha but really how sweet?!?! At that point I knew I would have to photograph her “rock” with the other rock he picked out! See below!! 😉

Aside from the breathtaking view speckled with sailboats, these two were a breath of fresh air and are undeniably, madly in love. Matt and Miranda looked timeless and captivating while snuggling on the beach and sharing a bottle of wine. This romantic lighthouse engagement session is undoubtedly one for books. They make you want to run off into a romance novel and forget about your 9 to 5 life but truly you must see for yourself!!
Their love for candid moments, adventure, red wine and all things nerdy is beautifully them!! I absolutely loved them, this session and their nerdiness! I say this while writing this blog post in my Gryffindor sweatshirt!! Haha!!

Their breathtaking gallery is a must see and you can view it here!
The next step for these two will be more planning for their gorgeous wedding. You can find out how to plan The Morning of Your Wedding on the blog!! Head over to the Journal to read more!


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