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June 3, 2022

How to Make Your Graduation Photoshoot Unique

If you’re a recent grad, or you’re graduating soon, you’re probably scrolling through tons of graduation photoshoots on Pinterest and noticing the same thing that I did- it’s time to spice things up a little bit! I mean, don’t get me wrong a lot of the graduation pictures we see online are pretty cute! But more often than not, it feels like we’re looking at the same 3 poses over and over again. People! It’s time to make graduation photoshoots unique!

graduation photoshoot
graduation photoshoot
graduation photoshoot
graduation photoshoot
graduation photoshoot
graduation photoshoot
graduation photoshoot

I recently had the privilege of photographing Sophia to celebrate her graduation from Southeast Missouri State University, and we had a blast! We decided to do some traditional graduation photos, and then we ended up switching it up for some super fun shots! One of the best ways to make your graduation photoshoot unique is to make it personal to you. Instead of spraying champagne, we shot a confetti cannon! It was wayyyy less messy and so much more fun!

If you’re looking for some fun accessories for your graduation photoshoot, I’ll let you in on a little secret– I’m always looking for easy, inexpensive ways to add that extra personality to photos, and today I want to share my entire Amazon shopping list for graduation photoshoot accessories! Get your cart ready… set… go!

My Favorite Graduation Photoshoot Accessories

Light Up Ribbon Wands

graduation photoshoot

These cute wands are perfect for a sunset shoot– they light up and are a mess-free way to add some movement to photos!

Colored Ribbon Wands

If you’re taking photos with plenty of light, try these different colored ribbon wands for a similar effect! Here are several different options:

Champagne Ribbon Wands

White Ribbon Wands

Ribbon Streamers

The look of streamers without the cleanup?! Yes, please! These are SO cute, and especially perfect if the grad has friends and family that want to be included!!

Confetti Poppers

Don’t worry, all these popper options are environmentally friendly! If you still love the look of confetti, but don’t want the cleanup hassle, or environmental impact, of traditional confetti, these are amazing options!

Rose Petal Confetti

White Rice Paper Confetti Air Cannon

Multicolor Confetti Cannon

Light-Up Glow Sticks

Neon, multi-color glow sticks are all the rage these days! Let your graduation photoshoot run late into the evening with these glow-in-the-dark accessory options!

Fiber Glow Wand

Oversized Glow Sticks

Glow in the Dark Light Up Balloons

White Fiber Optic Glow Wand


Bubbles are an AMAZING alternative if you’re taking graduation pictures indoors, or the photoshoot location has strict rules for the types of celebratory accessories you can use!

Bubble Wand Pack

Colorful Bubbles

Automatic Bubble Blower

Looking for a graduation photoshoot in the Southern Illinois area?

If you recently graduated and you’re ready to celebrate with some graduation photos, I’d love to chat with you! Click here to fill out an inquiry form, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! In the meantime, click here to browse my blog and see more photoshoot inspiration!

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