October 24, 2021

Tyler + Alexis | Country Sunset Engagement

Tyler and Alexis blew me away during their country sunset engagement session. Then they added in this stunning teal Ford. Talk about breathtaking! However, Tucker might have tried stealing the show a time or two. This glowing session will have you wanting to soak up the fall evenings with a bonfire and your honey! Give me all the country sunset engagement sessions with vintage trucks all day, every day! Also, I’m truly loving that my clients have pulled out all the vintage vibes lately. Keep it up!

So when I first started talking to Alexis, she told me all about how they met and how their sweet fur-baby came into the picture. Well of course I loved them both instantly when they showed up with Tucker. We actually planned their session at my house because of our insanely long driveway. I mean hey we can do what we want…I know the boss! 😉

The sky gave us the absolute best light and a killer sunset. Then when it came down to snuggling while the sun finished it’s show, Tyler didn’t let Alexis down! It was the sweetest snuggle session and of course, Tucker had to make a cameo. One thing that stood out to me about this entire session was how Tyler was just here for it all. Anything that Alexis and I had up our sleeve, he was down for it. Alexis definitely knew what she was doing by wrangling in this one!

These two were so incredibly sweet! Alexis and Tyler had full trust in everything we did and let me just tell you, they were naturals!!! Not only were they the sweetest, they absolutely killed it with their posing. So when I say that I absolutely can’t wait for their wedding day…I mean it! Alexis and Tyler’s big day will be nothing short of amazing. I can’t wait to celebrate with you both (and hopefully Tucker!!)


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