March 11, 2021

Davis Merrill | Grace & CrossFit | Senior Pictures Southern Illinois

I had the privilege of meeting this gorgeous young lady, Davis Merrill, for her senior pictures. Davis is a senior at Goreville High School and one of the most dedicated seniors I have ever met!! She is an absolute beast with grace! Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, but she is a trainer at CrossFit RSP right here in Southern Illinois. Davis has competed in fitness competitions, including one in Texas. She has aspirations to move to Utah to continue her CrossFit journey with coaching and training.

Davis blew me away with her strength and talent all the while being a total sweetheart too! I got to spend the afternoon with this girl and her amazing dad. Davis’ dad, Micah, is without a doubt her number one fan!! I loved how proud he is of her.
If there is an award for number one CrossFit dad, he definitely deserves it. I got such a kick out of his help and support for his daughter!!

Davis is like dynamite packed into a flower! She literally went full beast-mode then threw on a dress like it was nothing. She absolutely glowed!! I can’t say it enough how impressed I am with her and her ability. Davis is incredibly humble so look out…she doesn’t even realize how amazing she truly is!!

Be sure to follow Davis throughout her journey because this girl is going places!!!
You can sign up for one of her classes or even join the same gym, CrossFit RSP!
Davis Merrill’s Instagram: @davisrmerrill
CrossFit RSP’s Instagram: @crossfitrsp

View Davis’ full gallery here!

To see more senior portraits go check out the gallery at this link! Parents you can also reach out to me directly at this link to book your teen’s senior pictures! Let me take the stress off your plate by doing the leg work for their special day.


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