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January 4, 2021

Hiring Your Wedding Photographer | Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding planning is incredibly fun and rewarding but sometimes it can be stressful! When you start talking about planning, finances and your wedding budget, it can be a little intimidating. The joy, however, outweighs the stress. Whether you are working with a budget or you are free to hand pick without viewing the price, you still need to keep a few things in mind.

Choosing a photographer can depend on your taste, style and expectations. I love to talk about my sweet Boulder Creek Brides! So my brides love my bright and true to color style. I build a connection with my couples that way when I show up on your wedding day, it’s more like a friend arriving to celebrate your day with you!

Ask your photographer a few questions to make sure you get not only quality and consistency, but the gorgeous images and experience you DESERVE as a bride!! Open discussion is the key to have clear expectations!!

This will not only help you with your planning but also give you insight on my process!! Even if you are looking to hire someone else…It’s ok because I’m here to help you regardless!! 🙂

  1. Expected delivery time of your entire wedding gallery.

This topic is very important for multiple reasons. You NEED to know how long you will have to wait for your images. These are the most important things…why? Because when you walk away from your wedding day with your husband, you will only have your wedding pictures to remember your day with! My Boulder Creek Brides receive their full gallery within 10 days of their wedding. They know that they don’t have to wait weeks or months, and I also get to share in their excitement when they are delivered their beautiful gallery to relive their special day!!

2. Special lighting in venues.

How your photographer handles unique lighting is VERY important! Are you getting married in a dark barn or maybe your family church? Making sure they have the experience and expertise to handle everchanging circumstances is important! I coach my couples on how we can accomplish their dream day no matter what venue they choose. I love to visit the venues with my Boulder Creek Brides and most of the time that ends in coffee or brunch with their maid of honor or momma! So much fun!!

3. Rainy days and timeline hiccups.

I put these two together because even as scary as they might seem, they are completely manageable! Always have a rain plan. I discuss these back ups with my couples when we start working on their timeline. Make sure when planning your big day, even if it’s mid-summer, you have an alternative indoor or undercover area for your ceremony and reception. Another topic I discuss with my brides is how I handle their portraits if rain occurs, this is included in their copy of The Boulder Creek Wedding Experience Magazine. My couples and I work out their timeline to provide breaks and cushion time. This helps avoid chaos if someone is running behind or a minor wardrobe malfunction needs fixed.

I genuinely love seeing my brides plan their big day! If you are recently engaged, enjoy it! Start slow and make a list. Start with your must haves and remember…this is your wedding day! You and your husband-to-be will have the time of your life with your closest friends and families, dancing the night away.

I’m sure that some of you reading this will become Boulder Creek Brides and I can’t wait to celebrate with you!!


Images: Gorgeous wedding days that didn’t let weather get in the way!!
(L to R, and venue)
Kyle + Lauren: chilly wedding day. (The Wedding Garden)
Afton + Alliyah: stormy engagement session BUT with a happy ending. (Dragonfly Wedding Venue)
Andy + Jaycie: overcast and rainy wedding day. (Their farm in Grayville)
Justin + Kasey: incoming storm and rainy reception. (Field of Dreams)

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