June 20, 2020

Zach + Katelyn | Colorful Spring Engagement

These two…oh my, oh my!! Let me tell you one of the things that I just LOVED about these two and their colorful spring engagement session…they laughed…nonstop!! Plus, their laughter was so infectious! Katelyn and Zach were insanely easy going. She chose the location and I have to say, I was BEYOND impressed. Above all, I was impressed by Zach! Sometimes, grooms have some difficulty cutting loose and enjoying the moments. But Zach kept saying how much fun he was having. TOTAL WIN!

Usually, I’ll tell my couples to use the engagement session as an excuse to have a date! Seriously, you’re getting all dolled up already. I mean, you might as well plan dinner or a picnic to celebrate! (Side note: a picnic would totally make for a great setting for pictures!) Guys: If you want to blow your girl away, plan this!! (I’ll absolutely help with the planning in case you get stuck) Just remember, the less you stress about this, the more fun you will have. A little trust and a whole lot of laughter goes a LONG way!!

Let’s talk about the lighting too…it was perfection! Plus Katelyn wore this colorful, bright flowy dress for the engagement session. It was the perfect choice for this engagement spot! She and Zach literally danced their way through this engagement session. They. Killed. It!!

Generally, I start almost every engagement session by getting to know my couples, laugh with them, get to know their comforts and discomforts and connecting with them. I want my couples to trust me and trust the process. At one point during the session, Katelyn and Zach totally trusted me when I said “Hey you see this old shed…let’s go behind it…” HAHA!! That’s complete trust yall!! I truly love these two and can’t wait for their wedding!!

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