These two…oh my oh my!! Let me tell you one of the things that I just LOVED about these two…they laughed…nonstop!! Their laughter was so infectious! Katelyn and Zach were insanely easy going. She chose the location and I have to say, I was BEYOND impressed. I was also impressed by Zach! Some grooms have some difficulty cutting loose and enjoying the moments but he kept saying how much fun he was having. TOTAL WIN!

I tell my couples to make a date out of this! Seriously, you’re getting all dolled up already. So plan dinner afterwards or a picnic. (Side note: a picnic would totally make for a great setting for pictures!) Guys you could absolutely blow your girl away if you plan this!! Just remember, the less you stress about this, the more fun you will have. A little trust and a whole lot of laughter goes a LONG way!!

Let’s talk about the lighting too…it was perfection! Plus Katelyn wore this gorgeous flowy dress which was a breathtaking mix with this location. Her and Zach literally danced their way through this engagement session. They. Killed. It!!

I start almost every engagement session by getting to know my couples, laugh with them, get to know their comforts and discomforts and connecting with them. I want my couples to trust me and trust the process. Katelyn and Zach totally trusted me when I said “Hey you see this old shed…let’s go behind it…” HAHA!! That’s complete trust yall!! I truly love these two and can’t wait for their wedding!!

You absolutely must see their full gallery!! Click link below!
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