October 5, 2019

Harrison + Reece | Engaged

This engagement session is one for the books! Harrison has become one of my husband’s best friends. Him and one of our friend’s Elijah showed up on our wedding day in adult onesies! Is payback due…? 😉 Harrison has stayed at our house, hunted, called me old and told me our house is one of his top 5 favorite restaurants. So when I started seeing pictures of him with a pretty blonde on Facebook, of course I started asking questions! That’s when we heard about Reece, a sweet Georgia girl! He told me that she was country and really cool. Haha!

They both met down in Texas at Camp Horton as Camp Counselors. When we talked to Harrison on the phone, he told us Reece was coming to Southern Illinois and that he wanted us to meet her. He also told me she loved horses and dogs, so I already liked her!!

When we finally got to meet her, she was everything Harrison had described. We took her out on the river and I could tell they were perfect for each other when they had an intense mud fight and she messed up his hair!! Haha! A couple weeks after their visit we got the text…obviously she said YES! Harrison and Reece were on a trail ride when they stopped by a lake. Harrison popped the question! So what better way to celebrate their trail ride proposal than with horses for their engagement session?! I have had Harrison model for me as a groom before so I am THRILLED for this to finally be real! Reece don’t let him fool you, he likes to get pretty and model! 😀

Take a look at their beautiful day with horses, sunflowers and sunsets….these two are gorgeous and so much fun to work with!

I cannot wait to photograph their wedding and celebrate these two sweet souls! Harrison and Reece, congratulations!



Full gallery: https://bouldercreekphotography.client-gallery.com/gallery/harrison-reece-engaged

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