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February 8, 2024

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Your Picture-Perfect Engagement Session Spots Near Southern Illinois: Part Two

Engagement Locations Near Southern Illinois

Hey there, smitten kittens! Ready for round two of our travels through Southern Illinois’ most swoon-worthy engagement photo spots? These locations are so enchanting they’ll have your heart twirling in delight! So, come on, let’s not dilly-dally. We’re about to uncover even more mesmerizing locales that will frame your love story in the most unforgettable way. Intrigued? Let’s dive right in!

Egyptian Hills Resort: Engagement Session by the Lake

The first stop on our journey – Egyptian Hills Resort in Creal Springs, Illinois. Tucked away in a verdant haven, this spot is perfect for capturing those sweet, unguarded engagement session moments. But remember, folks, this is private property. You’ll need to get in touch with the resort management to secure permission before you start clicking away. Check out their wedding venue here!

Sahara Woods State Fish and Wildlife Area: Woodland Engagement Session

Next, we’re off to the tranquil oasis that is Sahara Woods State Fish and Wildlife Area in Carrier Mills, Illinois. It’s another great location in Southern Illinois if you’re looking for that rustic woodland vibe for your engagement session. Just be mindful of the local wildlife and respect park rules to ensure everyone can enjoy the beauty of nature. Leave it better than you found it!

Giant City State Park: A Southern Illinois Favorite

Our next stop is Giant City State Park in Carbondale, Illinois. With its towering sandstone structures and lush forest, it’s like stepping into a fairytale. This gorgeous Southern Illinois spot is a must for your engagement session! Make sure to check in at the visitor center for any restrictions and permits required for photography.

Forest Park: Gorgeous Location Near Southern Illinois

Get ready to be dazzled by this next location – Forest Park in St Louis, Missouri. Not too far from Southern Illinois, Forest Park is a great engagement spot for those city vibes or keeping it with a park-like feel. This urban gem offers a blend of architectural wonders and natural beauty for any engagement session. Just keep in mind, that some areas might require a permit for professional photography, so be sure to check in advance. Then if you have time, stop by The St Louis Wheel! You won’t regret it!

Glen O Jones Lake: Serene Southern Illinois Engagement Location

Up next on our trek, let’s visit the Glen O Jones Lake in Harrisburg, Illinois. This hidden gem is part of the Saline County Conservation Area and offers a peaceful and scenic backdrop for your engagement photos. The serene lake surrounded by lush greenery creates an atmosphere of tranquillity and romance. And the sunsets? Absolutely breathtaking! Imagine capturing your love with such a stunning backdrop – it’s sure to create unforgettable memories. Check out this excellent visitor guide by Shawn Gossman, owner of Hiking with Shawn.

Ferne Clyffe State Park: Engagement Session near the Waterfall

And lastly, we venture to the enchanting Ferne Clyffe State Park in Goreville, Illinois. Known for its stunning waterfalls and rich vegetation, this park is a love story waiting to happen. Just remember, as a state park, certain areas may require permits for photography, so it’s best to check with the park office.

BONUS: SIU Lake at Southern Illinois University

I couldn’t leave without giving you an extra! So, I’ll leave you with the SIU Lake located right on the campus of Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. This scenic lake offers an idyllic setting for your engagement photos near Southern Illinois. The serene water, the beautifully landscaped surroundings, and the iconic campus architecture combine to create a unique and memorable backdrop for your pictures.

Whether you’re an alumni wanting to revisit where your love story began, or simply captivated by the beauty of this location, SIU Lake is a fantastic spot for capturing your engagement journey. Just be sure to check with the university about any photography policies or permissions needed before planning your shoot.

So there you have it – a tour of the most incredible engagement photo locations near Southern Illinois. These spots are more than just pretty places – they’re the backdrop to the start of your forever. And remember, these photos aren’t just for the ‘gram – they’re memories that’ll warm your heart for years to come.

Ready to capture your love story in these beautiful settings? I can’t wait to help you make magic! Contact me here to book your engagement session today – let’s create memories that’ll make you smile every time you look back on them!

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